Lo Scoglio Di Frisio
Via Merulana 256, 00185 Roma (RM)
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Il Ristorante della Dolce Vita dal 1928

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The restaurant

Foto ingresso

Established in 1928, Lo Scoglio di Frisio, is located in Rome between the Esquilino and Monti quarters, and proposes a wide range of pizzas and first courses such as home-made pastas and soups and second courses based on Italian culinary traditions which embrace southern Italian cuisine, and where the seafood-based recipes are the same as those used in the original restaurant. Today, the presence of the owner’s wife has brought an international and exotic touch through the fusion of Japanese and Neapolitan dishes. This historic restaurant situated in Via Merulana has maintained its original setting and charm over the years and continues to offer testimony of the essence of the Eternal City.

The restaurant’s history

Foto storia

Immediately following the War, the restaurant was frequented by American military members, not only because the food was good and there was a comfortable and respectable atmosphere, but also because of the excellent English spoken by the owner and resistance fighter Dr. Augusto Rossi. Many American guests returned to Rome with the whirlwind arrival of Hollywood film producers at Cinecittà and Lo Scoglio di Frisio was their favorite place to meet with friends. Film stars, directors, screenwriters and writers all appreciated the fresh Mediterranean style food. During the years of economic boom and “La Dolce Vita”, dinner at Lo Scoglio di Frisio meant that you could have easily exchanged glances with the charming Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, Fernandel and many others. The historic photographic documentation of Lo Scoglio di Frisio shows that from the time of the restaurant’s opening, a typical Neapolitan musical performance (où concertino) has regularly been offered to guests to enliven their meals. Many famous personalities have frequented the restaurant over the years such as Domenico Modugno, Sergio Centi, Franco Provisiero, Maestro Vergati and Nino Rota. Augusto Rossi’s son, Eugenio, is cordiale and helpful and runs the restaurant while keeping the original traditions and history alive with a modern spirit. Lo Scoglio di Frisio reaffirms its vocation as a place for culinary specialties as well as a place for cultural promotion, as was done on July 19, 2010 with the event “Gastrosofia”. In order to favor encounters, the staff is open to collaboration with associations or private groups for evenings with a “Guest House Artist” or through other kinds of cultural events. The restaurant continues to be a point of reference for many ex-alumni of Notre Dame University (Fighting Irish). TRADITIONS OF THE PAST TO SAVOR THE FUTURE